KORE Essentials EDC Gun Belt

KORE Essentials EDC Gun Belt

Tactical gear has morphed into an industry force. New firearms, specialized tactical armament, hi-tech materials, sophisticated manufacturing processes, and hundreds of revolutionary products are on the horizon or already here.

Several reasons exist for the skyrocketing popularity of military gear; the clothing and equipment are designed with a specific purpose in mind, and consumers love it.

Tactical clothing is built to be durable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. A few specialized tactical entrepreneurs have made the leap to mainstream clothing and design.

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KORE Essentials EDC Gun Belt

KORE Essentials has a simple yet effective philosophy: blend innovation with superior materials and design to create a product that exceeds expectations.

The EDC gun belt features a unique ratchet and track action. KORE’s ratcheting system allows the shooter 40 sizing positions to accommodate the added holster and accessories to fit any tactical or everyday situation comfortably.

KORE Essentials EDC Gun Belt

KORE Essentials Ratcheting Track Technology

The ability to fit a battle belt or duty belt to your specific fit is a tremendous advantage. Most tactical gear manufacturers forget to accommodate the added equipment, such as the holster, flashlights, and magazines.

KORE Ratcheting Belts have a hidden track sewn into the back of the belt. The tracks feature over 40 notches to adjust the width. You can adjust their belts at ¼ inch increments to get the perfect fit once all gear has been added.

KORE’s ratcheting gun belt is the perfect accessory for concealed carry, competitive shooting, law enforcement, and military personnel.

The company offers a full range of weighted belts from the 6lb. Armortek Everyday Carry, to its big brother, the 30lb. Duty Belt. Each model of the elite KORE gun belt series features various accessories to get the most out of your tactical gear.

Interview With Travis Clark from KORE Essentials

Todd Felton of Arms Directory sits down with Travis Clark of KORE Essentials. Travis discusses their EDC gun belt’s unique benefits, compelling features, and pricing.

Travis Clark from KORE Essentials tells Arms Directory about their products.

Todd: What makes the Kore Essentials EDC gun belt different from other belts?

Travis: It has a unique ratchet and track system, which sets our belt apart. It offers 40 sizing positions with quarter-inch increments of adjustability, ensuring a perfectly fitting belt for any situation, whether you’re carrying a firearm or not.

Todd: How does the ratchet operate, and how do you adjust the belt?

Travis: First, cut the belt to size, add about four inches, and make sure it works with your holster on. Then, once it’s on your waist, it will be perfectly sized. The ratchet allows you to make micro-adjustments for ultimate comfort and fit.

Todd: How does the micro-adjustment feature help with different types of pants and carrying situations?

Travis: The micro-adjustment allows for a comfortable fit, no matter the type of pants or whether you’re tucking in your shirt or leaving it untucked. This feature ensures versatility across various situations and pant sizes.

Todd: What benefits does the rigidity of the Kore Essentials EDC gun belt provide?

Travis: The uncrushable rigid design ensures that your firearm stays in place without sagging or slack. This guarantees a clean release when drawing your firearm, which is crucial for effective self-defense.

Todd: Are there different styles and configurations available?

Travis: Yes, we offer a variety of styles to cater to different tastes and situations, from tactical to classy. We aim to provide a gun belt that doesn’t look like a typical one.

Todd: What are some of the different color options available?

Travis: We offer a variety of colors, including black camo, which is very popular. We worked with Multi-Cam to provide this unique pattern to our customers.

Todd: Where can I purchase the Kore Essentials EDC gun belt, and what is the price range?

Travis: You can find our full catalog on KoreEssentials.com. Our belts are priced at $59.95, making them accessible to everyone. Investing in a high-quality belt is essential to consider the value of your firearm and holster.

Benefits of the KORE EDC Belt

Well-crafted tactical gear is designed as a platform to support a wide range of duty equipment, holsters, pouches, and essential gear.

  • Executive Protection Belts feature a low profile outer belt configuration, compatible with KORE Inner Belts, providing the ultimate reinforced gun belt. The KORE Belt is offered in Tactical Black and Tan with Garrison Gun Buckles.
  • Micro-adjustable 2.25” Duty Belt. Designed for well-prepared police officers, sheriff deputies, US Marshalls, border patrol, and military personnel.
  • The KORE Belt is offered in basketweave and smooth black. Choose the Complete Duty Belt Kit, which includes a buckle and inner loop attachment.
  • KORE introduces the Micro Battle Belt with a flawless fit and its ability to add specialized gear tailored to the mission at hand. Add magazines or life-saving medical supplies. The KORE Battle Belt can handle diverse and demanding conditions with ease.

The KORE belt is offered in smooth black, tan, green camo, and dark tactical green. A wide range of accessories is available to the shooter, such as the KORE Holster Mount, battle buckles, pouches, and a Tourniquet from TraumaPak.

Benefits of the KORE EDC Belt

Final Word

It is vital to choose the right gear when your life depends on it. With so many knock-off brands, finding the perfect fit takes research and refinement. KORE Essentials is one of those brands every American can depend on in critical situations.

The best tactical belt is an integral part of your wardrobe, and a quality belt is worth every penny. KORE belts give you the added advantage of precise comfort and control and have become the standard in the industry.

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