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Increase your visibility by claiming your business today. Guide customers directly from your listing to your e-commerce website, your physical store or shooting venue. Let’s grow your audience!

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Establish a strong awareness of your brand among firearm enthusiasts and cultivate trust by attracting ratings and reviews directly from the community.

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Tap into unique buying and selling opportunities for guns, firearm accessories and related services within our growing community of current and prospective gun owners.

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Reduce your total cost of ownership and the time spent for your online presence while improving your return on investment with our effective promotion strategies.

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Build a thriving community around your business and engage directly with your patrons on an open social platform, fostering lasting relationships between your brand and its supporters.

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Discuss products, services and your business with customers and industry peers. Foster trust-worthy relationships based on genuine connections and data privacy.

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Arms Directory scales with your needs

Whether you’re a small arms business owner operating out of your garage, you manage a retail company with dozens of employees, or consult for a large firearms manufacturer, we have a solution to help you grow. Pick a plan below and rest easy knowing you can switch at any time.

Forever Free
$0.00 /mo

Ideal if you’re just starting out.

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$49.99 /mo

Great for firearms instructors, gunsmiths and content creators.

Forever Free features plus:

  • 4 Featured Products
  • 1 Document Upload
  • Industry Certifications
  • Announcements
  • Website & Social Links
  • Payment Terms
$124.99 /mo

Best-suited to gun store and range owners, and small manufacturers.

Starter features plus:

  • 8 Featured Products
  • Featured Video
  • 3 Promotional Videos
  • 5 Document Uploads
  • Custom Pricing Menu
  • FAQ Section
  • Rules & Policies
  • Enhanced Contact Info
  • Shooting Range Tab
$349.99 /mo

Optimized for retail chains and large-scale firearms and ammunition manufacturers.

Growth features plus:

  • Professional Listing Setup
  • 12 Featured Products
  • 10 Promotional Videos
  • 15 Document Uploads

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