Frequently Asked Questions

Community Guidelines

We are a community of hunters, veterans, industry professionals and enthusiasts. We expect our members to treat each other with respect. Arms Directory is a membership site and we, as well as our volunteer moderators, reserve the right to reject membership if a member is harassing others or facilitating illegal activity.

Firearm Sales

Firearm listings are allowed so long as the transaction is facilitated by an FFL. This helps us follow both state and federal law. Please list firearm sales in the relevant buy/sell/trade groups. Group owners, please set group privacy to ‘private’ so that the conversation on the front page isn’t interrupted with offers to people outside your regional area or interest group.

Setting Your Account Privacy

Arms Directory was built with a privacy-first philosophy and contains strong privacy controls for both individual accounts as well as groups.

  • Privacy settings for your account can be accessed via the user menu, under Account->Privacy.
  • Privacy settings for groups are selected during the group creation process, but can be changed by a group administrator or a group organizer by going to the group page and clicking Manage->Settings, and after making your selection clicking the ‘Save Changes’ button.