Incognito Wear IX – Stylish and Functional Clothing for Concealed Carry

Incognito Wear IX – Stylish and Functional Clothing for Concealed Carry

Welcome to the latest Brand Spotlight with Jan from Incognito Wear IX! Today we’re discussing Jan’s innovative clothing line designed to make concealed carry more convenient and comfortable for women.

But before we continue with the interview, let us get familiar with Incognito Wear IX.

Who is Incognito Wear IX?

Incognito Wear is a company specializing in concealed carry clothing for women. Their products aim to be stylish and fashionable while providing much-needed safety through hidden access spots.

Founded in 2016 by Jan Wolbrecht, Incognito Wear IX takes pride in being a pioneer in how women carry а concealed weapon discreetly.

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Incognito Wear IX Products


Incognito Wear offers a lot of fashionable concealed-carry dresses, t-shirts, tops and bottoms. Pick an Incognito outfit that fits your style, all while staying safe.



The men’s collection features short and long sleeve shirts, designed with two faux buttons to conceal the break-away durable snaps. They are all produced from 100% U.S. cotton, and are perfect for everyday wear.



Incognito Wear IX provides various accessories, such as baseball hats, concealed carry purses, leather bracelets, and more.


Interview With Jan from Incognito Wear IX

Jan from Incognito Wear IX discusses her clothing line with Todd from Arms Directory.

Todd: Jan, tell us about your clothing line and what inspired you to create it.

Jan: My company, Incognito Wear IX, focuses on custom-designed women’s clothing made in America. The idea was to create stylish, comfortable clothing that allows women to carry their firearms discreetly.

I was inspired by the challenges that women face in dressing around their firearms, as traditional clothing options aren’t always suitable for concealed carry.

Todd: How does your clothing line address these issues?

Jan: Our signature top is designed to minimize bulk and work with your own holster. It’s soft, comfortable and stylish, making it easy to dress around your firearm. We also offer interchangeable tank tops that allow for underarm or appendix carry.

Todd: Tell us about the multiple pockets in your tank tops.

Jan: The 505 tank top is designed to mix-and-match with our other pieces. You can carry under the arm, right or left, and also appendix carry. It’s versatile and allows you to expand your wardrobe while still accommodating concealed carry.

Todd: Tell us about the Trinity Top.

Jan: This red, white, and blue Trinity Top is made in America and features an asymmetrical design for easy access to your firearm. The top is made of moisture-wicking stretch fabric with an exclusive design printed on it.

Todd: Do you manufacture pants as well?

Jan: We do have our new Kelsey joggers, which are still in the prototype stage. They have a built-in holster or can be worn with a belt and your own holster.

Todd: What is the price range for your products?

Jan: Our signature top is priced at $154.99, while the tank top is $89. We also offer coordinating tank tops for $32.

Todd: Are there more products available on your website?

Jan: Yes, offers a variety of items to help you stay armed, fashionable, and incognito.

Todd: What if someone orders the wrong size and needs to exchange?

Jan: We offer a 30-day refund or exchange policy for unworn items. Customers can simply email or call us, and we’ll take care of them.

Incognito Wear IX is revolutionizing the world of concealed carry clothing for women by offering stylish, comfortable, and functional pieces that cater to their unique needs.

With a range of versatile products, including their signature top, tank tops, and custom design print pieces, Incognito Wear IX has something to suit everyone.
Their commitment to American-made products and a 30-day refund or exchange policy ensures customer satisfaction. To explore their innovative clothing line and expand your concealed carry wardrobe, visit today.

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Client Testimonials

Here are some client reviews from their website that showcase happy customers:

“Gorgeous and feels terrific.

You don’t have to wear something that screams tactical when you can conceal in style. I just wish I bought my shirts earlier. Thanks for helping me remain “Incognito”.”

Lisa Fisk

“Every woman needs this.

After fighting to keep my holster from pushing down my leggings, I bought this bellyband. Now I can comfortably take walks knowing I can protect myself. And let’s all be real, we wear leggings EVERYWHERE so this is a must have! It stays well hidden beneath my shirt and fits perfectly. Supporting American-made products is extremely important – thank you Incognito Wear!”

Andrea Holt

“So stylish and super comfortable!

I love this top! It’s one of those tops you throw on, and you instantly look more put together. I needed that! It’s super comfy, and with the ties on the side, I can style the top in several different ways! 100% worth the money, and I would recommend it to anyone!”



Incognito Wear IX provides high-quality, reasonably priced concealed carry clothing that allows you to be armed, fashionable, and incognito.

What do you think about their products? Have you tried any of them? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to visit our business directory to find over 73,000 firearm businesses.

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