UM Tactical – Innovative Holsters and Muzzle Brakes

UM Tactical – Innovative Holsters and Muzzle Brakes

Technological breakthroughs and stunning design achievements are happening everywhere in the firearms industry.

Advancements in metals and alloys, polymers, plastics, and all manner of hybrid materials are making the future very bright for the gun industry.

Leading private enterprises and technological brand names have always been the innovative force in the firearms industry since well before the cap and ball.

UM Tactical and others are harnessing advanced materials to make firearm accessories safer and ergonomically easier to use.

UM Tactical: Holsters & Compensators

UM Tactical produces, among other products, next-generation, hand-made Boltaron® holsters, and a pioneering “reconfigurable recoil management device,” the RAGE TCS 5.56/223 compensator.

UM IWB/OWB Qualifier Holster

The Qualifier Holster from UM Tactical brings to market what few companies can accomplish; a hand-made customized holster that lasts a lifetime with no degradation in performance.

Shooters can quickly convert from an IWB to OWB configuration in mere seconds.

UM IWB/OWB Qualifier Holster

Boltaron® Holsters

Boltaron® 4335 offers extreme durability in all weather conditions and atmospheres. The indestructible thermoplastic is perfect for any range of operating temperatures, and its high-impact resistance over Kydex.

The Boltaron® holster from UM Tactical gives the user consistent surface quality and the ultimate shatter-resistant construction.

Boltaron® Holsters exceed every performance metric for a diverse range of pistol makes and models. The performance and reliability of the UM Tactical Qualifier Holster are off-the-chart.

Features of the Qualifier:

  • Hand-made and in-house; from flexible, indestructible Boltaron® thermoplastic
  • Converts from an IWB holster to an OWB
  • Use UM Tactical’s Qualifier Strap to get a close, secure feel of the weapon
  • UM’s custom-molded Qualifier Holster fits hundreds of weapon shapes

UM Tactical OWB Qualifier Strap

The Qualifier Strap gives the shooter an enormously secure fit and feel of their holstered weapon strapped efficiently to the side. Install the Qualifier on any IWB holster in the UM Tactical holster line-up.

The strap is made of a flexible yet indestructible polymer material that holds the weapon close to the body, without sacrificing necessary creature comforts.

Features of the Qualifier Strap:

  • The strap holds the holster close to the body without random movement
  • Install the Qualifier on any IWB holster
  • Ambidextrous configuration made from indestructible Boltaron®
  • Larger straps accommodate scoped weapons and large-frame revolvers
  • US Patent-pending design

RAGE TCS Compensator

UM Tactical continues to lead the industry with its dynamic RAGE Compensator System. RAGE Gas Expulsion technology is a game-changer for shooters who want exceptional accuracy and extreme serviceability across multiple calibers.

RAGE TCS Compensator


  • 5 adjustable tuning ports
  • Reconfigurable at any time
  • Easy installation and cleaning
  • Drop-dead accuracy on follow-up shots
  • Available for left-hand advantage
  • Black or stainless finish
  • Additional port washers of extended configurations

Interview With Brian Wilson of UM Tactical

Brian Wilson discusses their innovative holsters and muzzle brakes.

Arms Directory’s Todd Feltman discusses the Qualifier Holster and the RAGE compensator with Brian Wilson of UM Tactical.

Brian shares valuable information about his growing product line’s many benefits to shooters, competitors, and law enforcement personnel worldwide.

Todd: What is the name of this specific holster?

Brian: This holster is called the Qualifier Holster.

Todd: Tell us about your unique holster designs.

Brian: This is our Qualifier Holster. It’s different than other holsters because it can be converted into an OWB holster. We call it a hybrid, as it can function as both an inside and outside the waistband holster using our Qualifier Strap.

Todd: What is the material used for these holsters?

Brian: We use a hybrid plastic called Boltaron, which was engineered specifically for holsters. This material offers flexibility while retaining durability.

Todd: Are these holsters available for different types of guns?

Brian: Yes, we manufacture a wide range of molds for various gun models, including Taurus, Glock, SIG, and more. We have the capacity to produce about 10,000 units a month for this style of holster.

Todd: How much do these holsters cost, and where can they be purchased?

Brian: The holsters retail for $59.95 on our website and can also be found on sites like Palmetto State Armory. Our holsters are often available at your favorite firearm store as well.

Todd: How does the qualifier strap work?

Brian: You remove the screws, pull the clip off, and directly replace it with the Qualifier Strap. Then, it functions like a pancake holster but with plastic instead of leather.

Todd: You also manufacture an innovative muzzle brake. Can you tell us more about that?

Brian: Our Rage Adjustable Muzzle Brake is a modular system that comes with multiple port washers. The number of washers varies depending on the caliber of the firearm. But, each of these washers displaces the gas differently, and the ports can be adjusted for different rotational angles.

Todd: What is the retail price for the Rage Adjustable Muzzle Brake?

Brian: The muzzle brake retails for $160. Considering it offers 180 different combinations, it’s an excellent value for the price.

RAGE Technologies

Controlled reduction in muzzle rise and felt recoil is a primary reason elite shooters choose the RAGE compensator system.

The RAGE Kit includes five “port washers,” interchangeable, angled ports for the shooter to adjust and divert expanding gasses coming from the barrel.

Shooters can change the direction of muzzle gasses by quickly changing washers or shifting the location of the RAGE on the muzzle. The system requires no drilling and conforms to the 3 Gun Nation and USPSA Multi-gun rules.

The RAGE allows competitors the ability to manage muzzle gasses for the perfect shot; giving shooters and law enforcement personnel an extreme advantage.

RAGE Compensator Packages:

  • Compensator Kit for the 5.56/223
  • R.A.G.E. TCS 308, 9mm
  • R.A.G.E. AK47

Final Word

Pioneering companies such as UM Tactical provide considerable direction and influence on the Firearms Industry as a whole.

Innovative new materials and designs provide next-level performance numbers for every make and model in the firearm industry.

UM Tactical’s burgeoning product line has created a disruptive event in the industry with its patent-pending designs and in-house initiatives.

How many holster and compensator manufacturers can you recall proudly stating their products are hand-made?

Consider a few of UM Tactical’s products:

UM3 Sight Mounts: a unique design for Picatinny rails that can be mounted or removed in 30 seconds.
Mag Pouches made from Boltaron®, including AR mag pouches, Glock mag pouches, MPX mag pouches, and more.

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