Brand Spotlight: AR-Takedown Tool – Game Changer for the AR Platform

We sat down with Jonathan Clausen, the creator of the AR-Takedown Tool, an innovative all-in-one that makes stripping your AR quick and easy. He explains how this tool can replace an entire set of hand tools, making it easier and more efficient to maintain and clean your firearms.

Watch the interview with Jonathan or read through our Q&A with him below:

Jonathan from AR-Takedown Tool explains how to use the AR-Takedown Tool.

Todd: What is the AR-Takedown Tool?

Jonathan: It’s an all-in-one takedown tool for AR platform firearms. It replaces the need for multiple hand tools like roll pin punches, mallets, and tweezers. The tool simplifies the maintenance process, making it more convenient and efficient for users.

Todd: What inspired you to create the AR-Takedown Tool?

Jonathan: After a frustrating experience with a traditional hand tool set and damaging my firearm, I realized there had to be a better solution. So, I went to the drawing board, and after many prototypes, I came up with the AR-Takedown Tool.

Todd: What is the tool made of?

Jonathan: The AR-Takedown Tool is made of 100% USA Steel and USA Brass, ensuring it won’t damage your firearm.

Todd: How does the AR-Takedown Tool work?

Jonathan: The tool uses hammerless impact technology, which provides over 9,000 PSI of force. It can remove every single pin on the AR platform, including the takedown pins, trigger pins, and pivot pins. The tool also has a concave cylinder that helps remove the buffer tube and spring.

Todd: Where can people buy the AR-Takedown Tool?

Jonathan: It’s available on the official website at It’s also being distributed by retailers such as Daniel Defense, LWRC, Brownells, HK, and Granger.

Todd: How much does it cost?

Jonathan: The retail price is $34.99 with free shipping.

The AR-Takedown Tool is a game-changer for AR platform maintenance, simplifying the process and replacing the need for multiple hand tools, and replacing it with one easy-to-use tool. Check out their website and give this innovative tool a try.

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