Rapid Weapon Deployment Systems

Rapid Weapon Deployment Systems

Rapid weapon deployment systems have been the Military’s technological stomping ground since its inception.

Quickly accessing weapon systems has been a military tactic for generations. Over time, these technologies have migrated to home defense and storage and have found a massive audience.

Secure at home storage of any firearm is a fundamental obligation of the homeowner. Pew Research states that nearly a third of all adults own a firearm, with 73% of these consumers saying “protection” is the primary reason for ownership. The FBI reports a significant number of violent assaults happen with a firearm.

Statistics prove “safe firearm storage” will always be significant to homeowners who want to install every safeguard possible to protect their family.

The Equalizer

A well-designed home safe keeps a firearm secure, dramatically eliminating any unintended harm to children and others. However, how does a trained shooter access his pistol in seconds when needed? RWD Systems has created the perfect answer with its concealed “Equalizer Frame.”

The Equalizer

The Equalizer from Rapid Weapon Deployment Systems offers a secure, rapid, and safe way to access your pistol if faced with a violent crime. With customizable designs and a focus on safety, this product is an excellent way to store your pistol anywhere in your house.

Let us learn more about this unique firearm safety storage device.

Interview With Rick from Rapid Weapon Deployment Systems

Rick from Rapid Weapon Deployment Systems tells Arms Directory about the Equalizer.

Todd: Can you tell us about The Equalizer?

Rick: The Equalizer is designed to rapidly hand you your pistol safely and quickly. It features a carbon fiber pin that prevents marring your barrel and crown protection at the base of the pin. You simply slide your pistol onto the pin, rotate it, and close the door, and the pistol remains secure and ready for use.

Todd: How do you ensure that children won’t be able to access the pistol?

Rick: We provide a small pin that locks the door, preventing unauthorized access. This helps keep the pistol out of reach for children.

Todd: How do you attach it to the wall?

Rick: It has three holes at the top and three at the bottom for mounting. Ideally, you should mount it to a stud using drywall screws. But if you can’t find a stud, you can use drywall anchors for added stability.

Todd: Where can people purchase the Equalizer?

Rick: It’s available on our website, rwdsystems.com. Due to high demand, the turnaround time for orders is about 7 to 10 weeks.

Todd: Can the front design of the Equalizer be customized?

Rick: Yes, it’s designed like a picture frame, allowing you to change the front design easily. You can use any 11×14 or 8.5×11 image, and you can even have it be a mirror. The choice is yours.

Todd: What is the price of The Equalizer?

Rick: The MSRP is $255-265, which is consistent across the board for the options. For special orders, such as custom stains, there’s an additional $25 charge.

Pistol Storage

There are several ways to securely and safely store firearms at home, but very few ways to quickly access that firearm when in a bind. If a homeowner is being threatened, a home invader will not put their break-in on hold while you try to open your safe.

Violent home invasion has remained high over the last few years, with an incredible 38% of assaults and 60% of rape occurring during these invasions.

The Equalizer from RWD Systems is the perfect answer to hiding your weapons in plain sight.

Choose Your Options:

  • The Equalizer’s front face can be ideally disguised as a mirror or strategically placed as a picture of the family. That way, you can access your weapon in 2 seconds or less.
  • There are six colors to choose from the décor of your home: antique white, espresso, true black, slate, and more.
  • Customers have the option of left or right-handed entry.
  • The Equalizer accommodates three calibers: 9 mm, 40 and 45.

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Rapid Access and Ready to Go

The Equalizer makes it virtually impossible to know “the frame contains a weapon.” SASS invisible hinges and concealed mating surfaces let the Equalizer blend into the background until needed.

The patent-pending deployment system of the Equalizer extends your pistol into the classic “ shaking hand ” position in less than two seconds. Carbon fiber barrel pins in each caliber keep the muzzle from being damaged and dust-free.

The rapid deployment frame makes fumbling around the house in the dark a thing of the past when homeowners are confronted with an intruder.

The patent-pending spring action of the Equalizer secures the weapon with a magnetic locking mechanism. The inventive frame set has a magnetic pin-locking system for ultimate child-proof security.

The Equalizer accommodates either an 11 × 14 or 8 × 10 print and can be mounted well above the reach of children.

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Equalizer Gun: Location and Tips

Do not randomly pick a location for the Equalizer. Choose somewhere convenient that gives you quick and calculated access to your firearm. Don’t forget to take into account if you have chosen the right or left-handed entry, as this will affect ease of access to your weapon.

The Equalizer comes pre-drilled and should be mounted securely on a wall, well out of the reach of children.

The Equalizer can be used effectively at home and in the office.


  • The fewer people who know about the Equalizer, the better. Even though this is a pioneering product, only the homeowner should know what this picture frame holds.
  • Never secure the weapon in a spare bedroom or closet. Never secure the weapon in the kitchen where children can get to the firearm.
  • Always remember to keep the weapon clean and in good working order.
  • Place the Equalizer as close to the center of the room as possible, away from the front or back. Make the picture frame a permanent addition to the room.
  • If you are confident in gun handling abilities, keep the magazine full and the chamber empty.

Final Word

The rise in violent crime is alarming, and in many cases, the responsibility for protection of the residence once again falls to the homeowner. The ingenious “Equalizer” has hit the market at the perfect time.

Antiquated firearm storage devices no longer meet the fundamental guidelines for homeowner safety. Even if the family keeps only a single weapon, what is the purpose of keeping the pistol locked away in a safe and unavailable when it is needed the most?

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