The journey of Handi-Racker started in 2011 as an answer to a customer request. More than a decade later, this desire to help people is ever-present, along with an official patent for the only Legal Magnetic Racking Holster.

Essentially, Handi-Racker manufactures slide-assist devices that help gun owners rack the slide of their pistols with ease and safety.

The Handi-Racker and Handi-Holster can be installed on the underside of a table or some other place like the underside of your car’s dashboard.


What Is Handi Racker?

The body of the Handi-Racker firmly maintains the slide of the pistol within the slide channel, allowing the user to quickly and safely use the slide racker and chamber a round or clear a jam.

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Interview With Chris McAninch from Handi-Racker

Chris McAninch from Handi-Racker shows Arms Directory how his product works.

We caught up with owner Chris McAninch to learn more about their innovative product. Watch the video here or read the transcript below.

Todd: Tell us a little bit about Handi-Racker and the products you make.

Chris: This is what we call the Handi-Holster, and you can mount it to literally anything through the strong magnet in it. So, imagine this is mounted to your vehicle, under a desk, or anywhere else; you have plenty of grip strength and don’t have to worry about your gun falling at your feet. However, you still get a quick and easy release.

Todd: Do you have the ability to rack your pistol to put rounds in or take rounds out with that?

Chris: Yes, what you do is you put your pistol in the channel, hold your hand flat and put your weight into it to rack the slide. Anyone can rack a pistol with no problems. Additionally, if you have a jam and you need to clear it, you can knock it right out. This is really good for people with joint degeneration, carpal tunnel, or something like that. We have all kinds of customers- some with only one hand, and they can still rack a pistol by using the Handi-Holster. We’ve been able to help a lot of people with our products.

Todd: So, how do people get one of these?

Chris: You can go on our website, Handi-Racker.com, and order directly from there. Or we’re on Amazon as well, plus we have about 450 dealers across the country, and we just got into Bass Pro Shops.

Todd: How much can people expect to pay for these products?

Chris: You’re looking at $24.99 on the Handi-Racker device, and you’re looking at $34.99 on the Handi-Holster. They’re available in two sizes. And we have a great dealer program as well.

Todd: Thank you so much!

How to Use the Handi-Racker?

The Handi Racker is very easy to use. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. First, place the Handi-Racker over the slide of your handgun.
  2. Next, put the Handi-Racker on a table or other hard surface and depress the handgun grip forward.
  3. Let the gun slide go back as far as possible without forcing it, then let go of the handgun grip. This lets the recoil spring move the gun forward and chamber a round in the barrel.
  4. Now you can remove the Handi-Racker from the slide and the handgun may be fired.
How to Use the Handi-Racker?

What Are Customers Saying About Handi-Racker?

It is always interesting to see what people have to say about a product or service. In fact, nowadays, almost everyone checks online reviews before making a purchase.

Below are a few testimonials from satisfied Handi-Racker clients.

“Received my package today and can now easily rack my M&P Shield with no arthritis pain. Thank you for your vision of a product that will help us all, Also would like to let you know the personal handwritten Thanks is a good touch in today’s business world, I would advise you to keep it up as long as possible.”

Lonnie R.

“Hello Chris, I just wanted to say thank you for showing me the Handi-Racker. I purchased one for my sister. After years as a beautician, she has developed arthritis in her hands. I brought her the one used for the P3AT, and she was delighted to discover how easy it was to use and how easy it was to work the slide. I was so impressed, I bought a larger one for my wife’s 40. Whereas she does not have arthritis, it helps during practice at the range when working the slide multiple times.

I would highly recommend the Handi-Racker to anyone who has difficulty working the slide on their gun.”


“Chris, It was nice meeting you and your wife at Randy’s place the other day (Central Iowa Shooting Sports). I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and have a hard time pulling the slide on most pistols. Randy had me use one of your devices on an XD45 and had no problem racking the slide. I couldn’t have been happier because I have a PT709 that’s tough for me to pull and now it’s not an issue anymore. It works well enough that I’m going to get a second one and try to mount it near the front vertical tube of my wheelchair to have it handy when I need it. I wish I’d have thought of it. Keep up the good work.”

Wayne M.

In Conclusion

Handi-Racker is a very helpful, patented magnetic holster designed to assist people with the slides of their handguns. While it was created primarily as an assistive device for shooters who had disabilities, everyone can benefit from it, due to its ease of use, and safety.

Don’t hesitate to order yours today, and don’t forget to check out our Business Directory to discover more exciting products and services.

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