Brand Spotlight: Handi-Racker

Handi-Racker manufactures slide-assist devices that help gun owners rack the slide of their pistols with ease and safety. The Handi-Racker and Handi-Holster can be installed on the underside of a table or in other places, like the underside of your car’s dashboard. The body of the Handi-Racker firmly retains the slide of the pistol within the slide channel, allowing the user to quickly and safely rack the slide and chamber the round or clear a jam.

We caught up with Chris McAninch to learn more about their innovative product. Watch the video here or read the transcript below.

Chris McAninch from Handi-Racker shows Arms Directory how his product works.

Todd: Tell us a little bit about Handi-Racker and the products you make.

Chris: This is what we call the Handi-Holster, and you can mount it to literally anything through the strong magnet in it. So, imagine this is mounted to your vehicle, under a desk, or anywhere else; you have plenty of grip strength and don’t have to worry about your gun falling at your feet. However, you still get a quick and easy release.

Todd: Do you have the ability to rack your pistol to put rounds in or take rounds out with that?

Chris: Yes, what you do is you put your pistol in the channel, hold your hand flat and put your weight into it to rack the slide. Anyone can rack a pistol with no problems. Additionally, if you have a jam and you need to clear it, you can knock it right out. This is really good for people with joint degeneration, carpal tunnel, or something like that. We have all kinds of customers- some with only one hand, and they can still rack a pistol by using the Handi-Holster. We’ve been able to help a lot of people with our products.

Todd: So, how do people get one of these?

Chris: You can go on our website,, and order directly from there. Or we’re on Amazon as well, plus we have about 450 dealers across the country, and we just got into Bass Pro Shops.

Todd: How much can people expect to pay for these products?

Chris: You’re looking at $24.99 on the Handi-Racker device, and you’re looking at $34.99 on the Handi-Holster. They’re available in two sizes. And we have a great dealer program as well.

Todd: Thank you so much!

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