Brand Spotlight: Elite Iron – Innovative Suppressors and Bipod Solutions

In this Brand Spotlight, we take a closer look at Elite Iron, a company known for their innovative suppressors and bipod solutions for rifles. Todd Feltman from Arms Directory interviews Dale Poling, from Elite Iron, to learn more about their products, including the Revolution Bipod and the Asset and Asset Pro Light suppressors. Watch the video here or read the transcript below:

Dale Poling from Elite Iron discusses their bipods and suppressors.

Todd: What can you tell us about the Asset suppressor?

Dale: The Asset suppressor is made of titanium and comes in two versions – the original Asset and the newer Asset Pro Light. The Pro Light is slightly shorter, and both versions offer excellent suppression and recoil reduction.

Todd: What are the differences between the original Asset and the Asset Pro Light?

Dale: The original Asset features all titanium internals, while the Pro Light has a mix of titanium and 7075 aluminum. Both are CNC machined and extremely robust, designed to withstand a lot of abuse. They also feature a unique muzzle break, which helps reduce recoil from the suppressor.

Todd: Can you explain the spiral design on the suppressor?

Dale: The spiral design serves two purposes. It is a torque vein system that helps disperse any sparks or flames, and it also happens to be our company logo.

Todd: What do the internals of the suppressor look like in these?

Dale: The suppressor has a two-section design with an encapsulated nut and a one-piece core. If the core is damaged, customers can send it back to us for replacement or purchase a different thread section.

Todd: What colors do the suppressors come in?

Dale: We offer high-temperature Cerakote coatings in black, glacier black, FDE, and if you want the bare titanium, we can do that as well.

Todd: What calibers can the suppressors handle?

Dale: The Pro Light series can handle up to .308 or .336, while the all-titanium Asset can handle up to .300 Win Mag.

Todd: How can someone purchase an Elite Iron suppressor?

Dale: Customers can visit our website at for more information and pricing. To purchase, they can find a Class 3 dealer who can then contact us to do a form 3 transfer.

Todd: What are the price points for the Asset and Asset Pro Light suppressors?

Dale: The Asset Pro Light series is priced at $1,295, while the all-titanium Asset is $1,495.

Front view of an Elite Iron suppressor.

Elite Iron offers innovative suppressors and bipod solutions that cater to the needs of competitive shooters and hunters alike. With products like the Asset and Asset Pro Lite suppressors, this company continues to make a name for itself in the firearms industry. Visit their website to learn more about their offerings and see if their products are the right fit for your shooting needs.

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