Essential Listening Best Gun Podcasts to Follow in 2024

Essential Listening: Best Gun Podcasts to Follow in 2024

As the sun sets on traditional radio, in recent years, podcasts have emerged as the go-to medium for exploring topics and sharing passionate conversations. Whether you’re commuting, doing chores, or just chilling with a drink, these digital hearths offer a front-row seat to thought-provoking content.

Gun podcasts are also flourishing, typically delving into topics related to firearms, gun laws, self-defense, shooting sports, industry news, and gun rights. So whether you’re a dedicated supporter of the Second Amendment or simply curious about the topic, these podcasts provide an exclusive pass to the world of guns.

Why Should You Follow Gun Podcasts?

Gun podcasts offer an in-depth way to stay up-to-date about everything gun related. Following one or more of these regularly comes with a few benefits:

  • A Way to Stay Informed: Podcasts deliver breaking news, analysis, and commentary on legislative developments, product releases, industry trends, and other need-to-know updates faster and more conveniently than other media.
  • Expert insights: They give you direct access to seasoned pros who discuss technical guidance, best practices, gear reviews, training tips, etc.
  • They Can Expand One’s Horizons: The podcasts often feature a wide range of stances that can broaden your understanding of issues.
  • Entertaining: Engaging delivery and smart commentary keep episodes flying by!

What to Look For When You Choose a Gun Podcast to Follow?

With a plethora of misleading information on the internet, choosing a gun podcast demands ongoing attention. Start by checking the comments, star ratings, and social media buzz. A good podcast should be informative, interesting, and entertaining. Try to follow three main criteria:

  • Accuracy: Prioritize podcasts known for thoroughly researching their subject matter and clearly distinguishing fact from opinion. With complex legislative and ethical firearms issues, you want a trusted source for facts.
  • Production quality: A well-informed, engaging delivery style, with high-quality audio, and compelling formatting will entertain as well as enlighten. Excellent production keeps audiences coming back for more.
  • Diverse perspectives: Look for a range of voices and viewpoints within the gun community to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the nuances and debates involving ownership, defense laws, and related topics. Diverse views provide deeper insight.

Gun Radio Programs Turned into Podcasts

Although gun podcasts are a relatively new phenomenon, their roots can be traced back to the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS), established in 1942. AFRS recorded its own shows to provide news and entertainment.

This pioneering service laid the foundation for today’s vibrant world of gun podcasts. When the internet changed everything, legendary radio programs evolved into podcasts. A few good examples include:

Gun Talk Radio

Gun Talk

Airing weekly since 1995, Gun Talk with host Tom Gresham is a nationally syndicated radio mainstay for firearms enthusiasts. As one of the earliest and longest-running gun-focused media programs, the show holds a special place among Second Amendment supporters.

Dedicated to all things guns, Gun Talk provides an engaging platform for discussions and debates around firearms, hunting culture, shooting sports, and gun legislation.

Now airing on over 270 stations nationwide, Gun Talk continues growing its audience. The podcast makes episodes widely accessible for on-demand streaming – continuing the show’s trailblazing adoption of digital formats to spread its message.

Armed American Radio

Armed American Radio

Armed American Radio started small. Back in 2009, it was just a one-hour show heard in the Atlanta area. Now, it’s one of the fastest-growing radio shows aired across America.

The show is all about gun rights, self-defense, and politics. It broadcasts live every Sunday night from 8-11 pm Eastern time. You can listen to the live show on their “listen live” web page. No matter where you live in North America, you will probably hear it on a local station.

If you prefer podcasts, Armed American Radio has those too. They have over 300 episodes available on iTunes, Player FM, Spreaker, and other podcast platforms.

The Gun Guy

The Gun Guy

Hosted by Second Amendment attorney and certified firearms instructor Guy A. Relford, The Gun Guy is a compelling weekly show catering to gun owners, advocates of gun rights, and anyone interested in firearms.

Every Saturday from 5 to 7 pm on WIBC, Relford leads informative discussions covering a wide range of gun-related topics – from legislative updates affecting gun owners to practical training tips for defense situations.

The Gun Guy Podcast offers an entertaining and thoughtful source to stay up-to-date on America’s complex relationship with guns.

Best Gun Podcasts to Follow in 2024

Although there are many gun podcasts to choose from, not all of them will last. However, this doesn’t mean there are invaluable podcasts that haven’t posted new episodes for years.

Take, for example, the No Compromise Podcast, which won the Pulitzer Prize for Audio Reporting in 2021. It had only six episodes.

So if you are interested in this sort of podcast, here are five popular channels that post regularly:

Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co

Bearing Arms' Cam & Co

Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co is a podcast that delves into the world of Second Amendment rights, firearms, and related issues. Hosted by Cam Edwards, the show provides a daily dose of news, commentary, and interviews with experts, newsmakers, and gun rights activists from across the United States.

The podcast takes its name from America’s Second Amendment, which states: “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

The John1911 Podcast

The John1911 Podcast

The John1911 Podcast is an engaging and informative extension of the blog page. Hosted by Freeze and Marky, this podcast invites listeners to join their weekly “morning meeting.” Their candid conversations provide insights into firearm-related topics, including gun collecting, competitive shooting, gun auctions, and gun politics.

Gun for Hire Podcast

Gun for Hire Podcast

Gun for Hire Podcast is a popular podcast that focuses on topics related to urban defense, the Second Amendment, guns, and knives. It is hosted by Anthony P. Colandro, a Senior Master Instructor at America’s Urban Defense Institute. The podcast provides expert training and valuable insights into self-defense and personal safety.

Listeners of the Gun for Hire Podcast can expect to hear fascinating discussions and interviews with a variety of guest speakers from different walks of life. The show covers a wide range of topics, including firearms training, legal issues surrounding gun ownership, and current events related to the Second Amendment.

One of the unique aspects of the Gun for Hire Podcast is its focus on New Jersey, as it is the state’s first and only urban defense podcast. This makes it particularly relevant for listeners in the area who are interested in staying informed about local gun laws and regulations.

Gun Funny Podcast

Gun Funny Podcast

Gun Funny Podcast is a popular show hosted by Ava Flanell and Shawn Herrin. The podcast is known for its unique blend of humor and informative discussions about firearms, gear, and the shooting community.

The hosts bring a lighthearted and entertaining approach to serious firearms related topics. Gun Funny is enjoyed by both seasoned gun owners and those new to the world of firearms. The hosts delve into current events and news stories related to gun laws, regulations, and the Second Amendment, providing valuable insights and analysis.

A Break in the Action

A Break in the Action

A Break in the Action Podcast is known for its riveting as well as educational content.

It aims to empower its audience by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions about firearms and personal protection. Whether it’s discussing different types of weapons, exploring self-defense strategies, or addressing common misconceptions about gun ownership, the podcast delivers valuable and relevant content for its listeners.

Wrap Up

In 2024, the world of podcasts is a vast place, full of ideas and unique opinions. It offers everyone the opportunity to inform and educate themselves. With a little research and trying out what works for you, you can find your favorite go-to show and enjoy quality time in the company of skilled hosts and established experts.

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