Welcome to the Community!

Who is ArmsDirectory?

Our team works in all corners of the firearms industry.  We design firearms and accessories, engineer precision barrels, manufacture holsters, build your favorite brand, sell at the gun counter, import and export and teach classes at your favorite range. We know the business first hand.

Why another online marketplace?

We’re the only 2A-protected social network and marketplace .  Feel free to post your favorite gun pictures, talk prices, find local events, and post videos of your favorite upgrades – all in one place.

Have you ever noticed that our industry either spreads its products across the reaches of the internet – or keeps them squirreled away to be forgotten on your local gun store’s back shelf? Let’s put an end to that – post it on the marketplace and let it be found! This helps to support local gun stores everywhere.

We know that building, maintaining, and growing your online brand on today’s cluttered Internet is a daunting task.  Integrating modern apps, online tools, email accounts, social media profiles, and your website into your business can be an expensive and inefficient use of your valuable time.

To make matters worse , your online social media presence is constantly threatened by Big Tech’s censorship and other nefarious methods of throttling back your reach. This is unacceptable – let’s move forward together.

We’re here to build with you, starting today.

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  1. Can you gimme a rundown real quick on rules for advertising private sales and trades of firearms and accessories in state groups here? I know the law well here, just curious what the rules are here on this site. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for asking!
      We are currently finalizing our legal position of this question. We want to provide every feature we can to the industry and community but walk a fine line these days (don’t want to be shut down by the government or sued out of existence). We enjoy this community!

      At this time we allow you to find people to buy from and sell to. We want you to be connected to the rest of the community here directly. This does require that all serialized and otherwise controlled items are to be transferred through a FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) and in a method that complies with all local requirements.

      This is our best answer and is in no way a representation of our legal team’s perspectives! Sorry for the long-winded response but this is actually a subject for the community to discuss and be aware of.

      1. Quick clarification: When you say all such items transferred via an FFL, does that include those transfers where such involvement is not legally required? For example in Missouri and many other states, no third-party (FFL or government agency of any sort) involvement is required to buy, sell, or trade firearms [which are not of a class regulated under the NFA and thus requiring a tax stamp and registration transfer] between individuals who are both citizens of the state, hence being an intrastate transaction. Sites such as armslist and myguntrader are often used to facilitate these lawful private transactions between individuals.

        A few states such as New York and Maryland do require, to my knowledge, that third-parties such as an FFL or government agency be involved in intrastate private transfers. But most do not.

        Hoping to get clarification on this so that I can correctly enforce site rules within the Missouri state group that I created and can welcome folks to buy/sell/trade lawfully if that will indeed be permitted.

        1. Hi Matt! There is a lot to this question! We will answer your question (without the help of our attorneys).

          Our goal with this site is to support and connect our underserved firearms community and legal activities around it. As a website, we ride a fine line and are always under scrutiny from “others” thus need to develop boundaries of what is “OK” to do on the site. We built this site as a place to interact and connect and as it grows are figuring out what should be allowed and what should not (just to keep our site online for the long term). With all that being said, sites like Armslist have been (and may currently be) sued and are at risk of being shut down. At this time, we would like to spend our time and resources on you, our community, rather than on lawyers and lawsuits.

          As a lot of our comes from firearms manufacturing, and we only shipped directly to your favorite FFL. This allowed us to shift the liability onto the dealer for the federal and local laws and checks because they were ultimately doing the final sale and paperwork. We are fine with this as a policy at this time until we figure out all the pitfalls.

          We love guns. We don’t love restrictions on our rights. With that being said we still need to slowly grow this site in the proper direction to avoid future issues. We are here for the long run.

  2. Shout out to Jared from Guns and Gadgets! Without him, I wouldn’t have heard of this site. Also, an app would be rocking! Keep the faith, fight the good fight.
    “The bold stay alive, but the cautious thrive.”

    1. Thanks for joining us Dan! Happy that Jared led you to us. We are doing a lot in the background to move the site forward and introduce new features. We think you’ll love them. Apps are a necessity and in the works!

  3. I love to assemble AR uppers to expand the capabilities of the basic platform.
    I also love precision reloading.
    I am so happy I found a venue to connect with other firearm enthusiasts and see new stuff in the market place.

  4. So maybe I just have trust issues after ThePeoplesRepublicoftheAmericanInternet took over, but how do I know this isn’t just a trap site? I did a basic business search that it says this business started on 12/04/2020 and is using a “registered agent service” for the privacy of the creators. Understandably to be sure… but this business was created a few months after all the people the people that were being data mined and spied on left the social media sites that were doing the data mining and spying. Now we have a site marketed to the very profile of person that was targeted, created shortly after those targets were lost, and it’s owners are hiding behind a privacy curtain. Creating an account gave you my name, email, and ip address. Posting a photo can be used as proof of possession. At the current rate of definition changing, some items in these photos can be fine today but illegal tomorrow… and their owners may not even be informed of the legality change… hense the trap.

    I’m not pointing fingers. This is more of a challenge. I would love to see a site like this succeed. However, for me and probably many others, you’ll have to find a way to prove yourself before I give up my data…

    1. Hi Marcus, and thank you for the thoughtful post. We absolutely appreciate your position. We started building Arms Directory 5 years ago while still working in the industry. Due to our frustrations with censorship, banning, and throttling of web traffic, we made it our mission to develop a safe space for our industry to communicate, gather, and conduct business.

      We also noticed that no one looks out for us on the internet. Our rights are slowly being stripped away while we all contribute and line the pockets of companies that use our hard-earned dollars to fight against us.

      We hope that our team has begun to make a site that you enjoy using and that can help our industry thrive. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any feedback on the site or any concerns, like the above, since we want to make Arms Directory to be community-built!

      Very Best, the Arms Directory Team

      1. Came back to see if there was a reply to this, and there was! The thoughtful response goes a long way for me. Hope to find a community here to connect with as I am fairly alone on my 2a endeavors irl.