Ballistic Barrier Products

Ballistic Barrier Products

It is a fact of life that in the modern world, each of us may need to consider drastic measures for the protection of our homes and businesses. Ballistic Barrier Products is at the leading edge of bullet resistance for homes, commercial buildings and military structures.

A Conversation With Ballistic Barrier Products

Kyle from Ballistic Barrier Products provides a product walk through.

Todd from Arms Directory: So, tell me a little bit about what it is that you guys make.

Kyle Hanson from Ballistic Barrier: Our product is unique in that it is the first time that there’s a true bullet-resistant window blind on the market. As you can see, the key to this product is that it looks like standard blinds. It’s attractive, and it’s something that you would want in your own home. It’s easy to install. We modeled it after the industry standards for window blind installation, so if you can install any of the window blinds from Home Depot or Lowe’s, you’ll be able to handle the installation of these as well. It takes less than 30 minutes. We send you a kit with the full instructions, and customer service is ready to help you out if you get stuck on anything. We’re really proud of our product. We were looking to provide something to add a level of protection and security for residential spaces, especially with problems like drive-by shootings or rioting that might be in your area, stray bullets, and even hurricane and tornado protection as well.

Todd: Excellent! I see it comes in a very nice neutral color. Is it available in any other colors right now?

Kyle: Yes, it’s fully customizable. That was a key to our product offering; being able to provide any type of fabric or print on it.

The growing market of protective coverings with enhanced cloth materials will be enormous. Stronger, lighter fabrics and weaves will come to market because of the advancements in this new technology. Markets will open up, sub-sectors will develop, and the companies involved will be the foundation later.

Ballistic Barrier Products

The company currently offers a strong and competitive portfolio of ballistic products, representing a leading role in the industry.

Ballistic Barrier Products Include:

  • Bullet Resistant, Roll-up Window Shades and Pull Curtains. Select from three securing methods for roll-up and the optional locking hem-bar shade. The window shade and roll up canopy are customizable to match your décor, custom color and print patterns.
  • Fixed panel barriers can also be custom-matched to your current ambiance and décor. Ballistic Barrier Products are UL752, Level 3 certified for ultimate protection.
Bullet-Resistant Window Shades

Kyle, What are the blinds made of?

Kyle: The core of the window blind is a DuPont-made Kevlar, so it’s a hundred percent USA-made. From there, we laminate or sew on whatever color fabric you want. You can send us examples of what you’re looking for, and we’ll track it down for you. You can even send us rolls of your own cover fabric or print patterns, and we’ll have it printed on the blinds. The goal of this is to make sure it’s a perfect fit for any home and that it’s a match for your interior styling.

Todd: How do I get something like this? And, what kind of price are we looking at to cover several windows?

Kyle: So, it is Kevlar and it’s got, in essence, the same number of layers that you would have in Kevlar body armor. Kevlar is not an inexpensive material to begin with. So, it is a little bit on the pricey side, at about $150 per square foot. You can use that to estimate what it would cost to cover the windows in your home. To start the ordering process, simply go to our website; There’s a contact form on there. Let us know what kind of blinds you’re looking for, and then we’ll immediately reach out to get more details like measurements and the cosmetics you want, and then we’ll take it from there.

Installation of the Ballistic Barrier Door, a bulletproof door, is affordable and convenient – based on security needs and customization, the price will vary. Custom window shields, shades, and door shields weigh less than one pound per foot and require no modification to the existing structure. Another plus is that with no modifications, existing doors and windows can be of standard residential or commercial construction.

Ballistic Barrier Door


Ballistic Barrier products have set the bar extremely high with their LifeShield+ Bullet-resistant Window Coverings For Schools. The product portfolio includes window coverings and bulletproof door panels designed specifically for schools and campuses. LifeShield protection is made from the same durable material as the Ballistic Barrier, residential and commercial shades, and door panels.

Kyle explains the applications

Todd: So you can pick and choose what areas of your home you want to “harden,” so to speak. What other applications does this product cover?

Kyle: Besides residential windows and doors, we also offer them for commercial use. So storefronts, that might be in a situation where you’re, you’re worried about things like rioting happening down the street, or other things that might come through your doors or windows. We also have an industrial application where we’ll get rid of the pretty cosmetics and make them more industrial and easily serviceable. That might be something that you’d use for blast protection to cover testing equipment.

Todd: Great. And they can get in touch with you at

Kyle: Yes, you can contact us through the contact page; then, we’ll call you and start working out the details.

Choosing the Right Ballistic Protection

The first step for ultimate protection is to determine the threat level. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and Underwriter Laboratories (UL) offer standards that can be immensely helpful. Each publication gives the current standards on bullet-resisting firearms; the caliber, Min/Max FPS, and Threat Level.

The core of Ballistic Barrier’s certified anti-ballistic material is the patented Kevlar weave of para-aramid fiber. Aramid fibers have a strength per unit many times that of aluminum, steel, and e-glass, making handgun and rifle protection far superior to other materials. Lower costs, and lightweight with no sign-offs needed make these durable shades fit any budget.

Ballistic Barrier gives the following conditions for total security: A window film, pane of bullet-resistant glass or certified ballistic door must be supported by a wall, frame, and jam that are also engineered to withstand a ballistic event.

The structural soundness of Ballistic Barrier materials also allows it to absorb the heavy impacts of magnum pistol rounds and high caliber rifles, rather than the round hitting a dead material with maximum impact.

Final Words

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the world of Ballistic Barrier Products. Stay safe, stay informed, and remember that security is an investment in peace of mind. Find the nearest local Ballistic Barrier provider in our Business Directory and take the first step towards enhanced security today.

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