Do You Need a Pump Shotgun for Home Defense

Do You Need a Pump Shotgun for Home Defense?

A 2021 National Firearms survey reported that over 56% of gun owners carry a firearm for self-defense purposes.

More than 31% of respondents said they used a firearm to defend themselves and their property. Furthermore, it is estimated that guns are used defensively in approximately 1.67 million incidents every year.

According to the same survey, Americans own around 98 million shotguns, which is the least amount compared to handguns (171 million) and rifles (146 million).

Let’s face it, bad things can happen, and when they do, it’s better to be well-prepared.

The real question is: are shotguns for self defense a good choice, and more specifically, are pump shotguns for home defense a viable option?

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Best Shotgun for Self-Defense: Semi-Auto or Pump Action?

First off, let it be known that shotguns are perhaps the best firearms for self-defense. They have the power, the wide shot spread, the stopping power, and that extra factor of intimidation.

However, we need to point out that the only worthwhile options in terms of home defense shotguns are semi-auto and pump action.

Break action shotguns are not the best pick, since they need to be reloaded by hand which could potentially waste valuable time, and make you vulnerable for several seconds while reloading.

On the other hand, pump actions are quite affordable, function with any ammunition, and are fairly easy to operate.

Now, let’s take a look at what makes for a good home defense pump action shotgun.

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Pump Shotgun for Home Defense: Best Choices in 2024

  1. Remington 870 Tactical
  2. Mossberg Maverick 88 Security
  3. Stevens 320 Security
  4. Winchester SXP Defender
  5. P3000 Defense Pump Shotgun
  6. DP-12 Double Barrel Pump Shotgun

Remington 870 Tactical

The Remington 870 Tactical is a great home defense shotgun for beginners. It has a very reliable, and soft recoil. The flared loading port gives you an easier and faster loading experience, which is vital for self-defense situations.

Remington 870 Tactical

The design of the Remington has stood the test of time, and the 18.5-inch barrel allows for a lot of freedom of movement, even inside small spaces.

Remington 870 Tactical Specs:

  • Barrel Length: 18.5 in
  • Weight: 7.625 lb
  • Overall Length: 39.5 in
  • Mag Capacity: 6+1

Interesting fact: The first commercially successful, mass-produced pump-action shotgun was the Spencer 1882. Developed by American inventor Christopher Miner Spencer, it had a 30-inch barrel length, 5-round magazine capacity, and a unique second trigger, mounted in front of the firing trigger.

Remington 870 Tactical

Mossberg Maverick 88 Security

The Mossberg Maverick 88 Security is a very reliable home defense pump shotgun, sometimes referred to as the utility player of pump-action shotguns. It is a good friendly-budget option as well and is fairly easy to maintain.

Mossberg Maverick 88 Security

Mossberg Maverick 88 Specs:

  • Barrel Length: 20 in
  • Weight: 6.5 lb
  • Overall Length: 41 in
  • Mag Capacity: 7+1

Stevens 320 Security

The Stevens 320 Security features good ergonomics and comes at a good price. This pump action shotgun is highly durable and uses a weather-resistant synthetic stock for optimal shooting control.

It is a good shotgun for multiple purposes, and one such is home defense. Equipped with dual sidebars, and a rotary bolt for a stronger lockup, the Stevens 320 Security will boost your feelings of safety, and help defend you against intruders.

Stevens 320 Security

Stevens 320 Security Specs:

  • Barrel Length: 18.5 in
  • Weight: 6.6 lb
  • Overall Length: 38.25 in
  • Mag Capacity: 5

Winchester SXP Defender

The Winchester SXP Defender is very comfortable to pack and carry. Its tactical ribbed forearm allows for better control, and the fixed cylinder choke barrel can handle both slugs and buckshot.

Winchester SXP Defender

Armed with a fixed cylinder choke barrel, and a five-shot capacity magazine, this pump action shotgun is an excellent option for protecting your home and family.

Winchester SXP Defender Specs:

  • Barrel Length: 18 in
  • Weight: 6 lb
  • Overall Length: 38 in
  • Mag Capacity: 5+1

P3000 Defense Pump Shotgun

The P3000 Defense Pump Shotgun provides a modern, and reliable shooting experience. It has a standard 5+1 capacity magazine with a fixed cylinder, and the possibility to choose a pistol-grip stock for enhanced control.

P3000 Defense Pump Shotgun

P3000 Defense Pump Shotgun Specs:

  • Barrel Length: 18.5 in
  • Weight: 6.4 lb
  • Overall Length: 40 in
  • Mag Capacity: 5+1

Bonus: DP-12 Double Barrel Pump Shotgun

Our last pick is the DP-12 Double Barrel Pump Shotgun. This double-barreled home defense shotgun carries a heftier price tag than the other shotguns we’ve already mentioned, but it is truly a weapon for those who appreciate quality, and one of the best pump action shotguns money can buy.

DP-12 Double Barrel Pump Shotgun

It is undoubtedly a one of a kind pump shotgun, holstering choke tubes that are designed to shoot a deadly pattern at 25 yards. This 12 gauge shotgun can quickly fire 16 rounds and has the ability to fire two shots from a single trigger.

Last but not least, the DP-12 features an ambidextrous pump slide release and has an ergonomic design that allows for better balancing of the weight of a loaded gun.

DP-12 Double Barrel Pump Shotgun Specs:

  • Barrel Length: 18.8 in
  • Weight: 9.12 lb
  • Overall Length: 29.5 in
  • Mag Capacity: 16

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Final Words

You know how the saying goes: better safe than sorry. Hopefully, you also will never have to use your guns against unwanted trespassers.

We, at Arms Directory, take our weapons very seriously, and the truth is that, ultimately, having a pump shotgun for home defense will ensure that both your home and family are safe.

Moreover, did you enjoy the firearms we picked out today? What is your experience with home defense pump shotguns? And do you know of any other exceptional shotguns you would recommend?

Let us know in the comments below, and do not hesitate to join our community of firearms enthusiasts and professionals.

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