Arms Directory Moderator

As a moderator, you play a vital role in the success and stability of our community.  The Arms Directory Code of Conduct helps ensure that all moderators are aligned in their approach and conduct, which is essential for creating a healthy and welcoming environment for all our members.  The following guidelines set clear expectations for how we expect to conduct yourself as a moderator:

#1 – Ensure that Arms Directory remains a positive and productive space for users to express themselves, connect with, and share information.

Some examples of items to remove or curb are:
• hate speech
• poor-quality content
• irrelevant content
• misinformation
• disinformation
• obscenities
• nudity and explicit content
• paid ads and promotions
• bullying

#2 – Keep illegal content out of our community

Items that we consider “legal” must be legal in the area where the user is located. National, state, county, city, and other laws must be adhered to. Keeping our communities free of this content will help to ensure that the site remains online for years to come.

Some examples of prohibited items are:
• Sale or manufacture of 80% lower receivers
• Transport of items into areas where they are restricted
• Modifications of items that transform them into illegal items
• Transfer of a serialized item without the use of an FFL
• Posts of legal items for sale that are placeholders for illegal items

Some examples of exceptions are:
• Military weaponry
• Law enforcement weaponry
• Historic items
• Individuals licensed to have prohibited items

#3 – Ensure that we can provide our industry with a secure and stable space to come together, collaborate, and grow.

At Arms Directory, we value free speech and meaningful, open conversation, and we strive to avoid limiting our users. However, we are mindful that we operate under federal, state, county, and city restrictions. Therefore, our moderators play a critical role in guiding our communities in a way that is consistent with our Community Guidelines, ensuring that our community remains a stable, safe, fun, and educational space for everyone.

#4 – Maintain an active role in the community

As an Arms Directory moderator, your active involvement in the community is essential for creating a positive and engaging experience. Members of our communities will feel more comfortable reaching out to you with their concerns, questions, and ideas, which can further build a sense of community and connection.

Being actively involved will also allow you to identify and potential threats and respond to them quickly and effectively. This proactive approach can keep problems from escalating and maintain a sense of balance and order within the group. Also, it allows you to help new and struggling members feel confident and empowered with the platform and community.

Overall, remaining active and involved as a moderator plays a critical role in creating and maintaining a positive and welcoming environment, building trust, and fostering a sense of community.